Thank You For Recycling Your Nafion™ Based Products!


Everyone here at Ion Power, Inc. would like to say “Thank You” for submitting your request to recycle your Nafion™ based products with us! Your continued reinvestment back into environmentally sustainable solutions has an incredible impact, and we recognize it! 


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Stay up to date with Ion Power, Inc.'s efforts to build a better future.


This is where we provide updates on our latest research, news, and environmental initiatives. As a leading provider of Nafion™ products, we are committed to promoting sustainability and efficiency in energy storage and conversion. Stay tuned for the latest updates on our Nafion™ products and our efforts to build a better future.


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Recycle Your Nafion™ Products

Exchanging your Nafion™ based products for Store credit; or Cash Payment. Fill out contact form describing your materials and the quantity. 


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