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Ion Power develops, manufactures, and distributes value-added products containing Nafion™. Our products are used in fuel cells, in water electrolysis, and in many other industrial and research applications. 


Nafion™ ProductsIon Power Products

Nafion™ Products

Ion Power, Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of Nafion™,
a Brand of The Chemours Company.

Nafion™ Membranes

Nafion™ membranes are a type of ion exchange membrane widely used in various applications such as fuel cells, electrolysis cells, and batteries to facilitate the transfer of ions while preventing the mixing of reactants.

Nafion™ Dispersions

Nafion™ dispersion is a specialized liquid form of Nafion™ that is used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions and electrochemical processes, such as fuel cells and water electrolysis.

Nafion™ Resin

Nafion™ Resin, whether pellets or beads, are versatile materials, used in applications from fuel cells to sensors due to their unique ion-exchange properties and selective permeability.

Nafion™ Research & Press Release Updates

Stay up to date with Ion Power, Inc.'s efforts to build a better future.


This is where we provide updates on our latest research, news, and environmental initiatives. As a leading provider of Nafion™ products, we are committed to promoting sustainability and efficiency in energy storage and conversion. Stay tuned for the latest updates on our Nafion™ products and our efforts to build a better future.


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Ion Power Inc.’s Value Added
Products Containing Nafion™

Our process delivers ultra thin low resistance, durable and consistently

high performing MEAs for PEM fuel cell applications.

LIQUion™ Dispersons

LIQUion™ dispersions are a type of solution containing Nafion™ dispersed in a solvent, such as water or alcohol used in various applications, providing unique properties, such as high proton conductivity, good chemical and thermal stability, and low gas permeability.

LITHion™ Dispersions

LITHion™ is a neutral dispersion that contains lithiated Nafion™ polymer in an Isopropyl Alcohol solvent. This pre-dispersed slurry of Nafion™ polymer materials can be easily applied to substrates, mixed with other solutions, or used to cast films and coat other materials.

POWDion™ Powder

POWDion™ is a fine powder made from the Nafion™ perfluorosulfonic acid polymer, widely used in various electrochemical applications such as fuel cells, batteries, and sensors. POWDion™ comes in soluble and insoluble forms, ranging from -40+60-mesh to -200-mesh.

VANADion™ Membrane

Ion Power, Inc.’s VANADion™ is a composite membrane widely used in electrochemical energy storage batteries and various other electrochemical applications. This membrane is supplied in a dry form but should be properly wetted out prior to use.

HYDRion™ Membrane

The HYDRion™ Membrane is a high-performance ion exchange membrane used in water electrolysis systems for hydrogen production. This product has a high proton conductivity and low hydrogen crossover, which makes it ideal for use in alkaline water electrolyzers.

Membrane Electrode Assembly (M.E.A.)

M.E.A’s are an high-performance electrode used in hydrogen fuel cells for power generation. The electrode is made of a gas diffusion layer, a carbon support layer, and a catalyst layer, which work together to facilitate the transport of reactants.

Recycled Nafion™:
(re)Investing in Sustainability

Ion Power, Inc. is investing in methods of recycling Nafion™ to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices in the industry. Our team is actively working to incorporate this strategy into everyday operations, highlighting Ion Power, Inc.’s commitment to environmental responsibility.